Roy Kastning - Western Light Graphics

Western Light Graphics features the artwork and photography of Roy and Jeff Kastning.

Like many of us, fall is one of our favorite times of the year. Although, all the seasons in Colorado are special with their own unique beauty, weather and landscapes.

Here are some of all fall photos we like to share with you. Western Colorado at it's best!


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Jeff Kastning - Western Light Graphics

Western Light Graphics features the artwork and photography of Roy and Jeff Kastning. Here are some of our winter photos from the past few winters. 

With fall on the way out we thought we would get a head start on winter. Winter is a season of incredible beauty in Colorado. The weather, the soft colors and textures all combine for some great photography. Hope you enjoy our little slideshow. Enjoy!


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Ron Henry

Art has been at the core of Ron Henry's life since early childhood - art and a profound love of the outdoors.

A California native, Ron's formal art training began at the University of San Jose, and later at The Academy of Art in San Francisco. For ten years he worked as an art director, illustrator, designer and agency account executive in the graphic arts and advertising business.

Ron's bold, contemporary and colorful approach has earned him placement in some of the finest galleries in California, Texas, Arizona and Colorado. "Nature is my inspiration" says Ron. "To achieve the color and brilliance that I require, I paint in oil and acrylic on gesso board. The many textures this provides enhances feelings I'm trying to attain in my images." "Many contemporary Southwestern artists have influenced me - Howard Terpning, James Reynolds, Roy Anderson and Ted CoConis, to name a few. Studying their techniques and approaches in design and composition gives me inspiration to further develop and refine my own style."

Today Ron lives and creates in the magnificent surroundings of Grand Junction, Colorado. When not painting, Ron hikes, bikes, fishes, plays golf, and restores antique cars.


Susan Humphrey

Susan Humphrey

is a digital artist and photographer in that order.  Susan is a local native of Montrose, Colorado having been born and raised in the area. Her roots are on a ranch on Bostwick Park that is still in her immediate family with the beloved Herefords grazing there.

Because of her intense love of the area and of the agricultural way of life she seeks to find ways that her art and photography shares that beauty. The landscapes of the mountains, the pastoral scenes and the cattle and wildlife is all part of her life that she intends to share with you in her work.

Susan developed an interest in art when she visited the National Art Institute on a trip to Washington D.C. as a 4-H member.  She come home with a handful of prints. With the advent of digital cameras and her love of computers she has become more and more astute in creating paintings from her photos. Susan hopes that you find pleasure in her work and that it brings scenic Colorado into your home and life!

Ron Morris

2015 Grand Champion for "Countin’ Em Thru"
Western States Horse Expo
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We are proud to represent the Western Art of Ron Morris.  Ron  was born in Delta, Colorado, near Redvale, where he resides today. Ron’s love for horses, the western life, working cowboys and buckaroos, fuels his works of art. He captures all his drawings on paper with a pencil.

Ron is rewarded by the acceptance from the working ranchers, farmers, and folks that keep the western heritage alive. He enjoys day work beside these folks to authenticate his works of art. He has lived or witnessed each of his drawings.

He has been featured in Western Horseman, on the cover of Rocky Mountain Rider, and has drawn a cover for a published book. His art was shown at Northeastern Nevada Museum, Elko, Nevada during the Will James Society Gather and The Cowboy Poetry Gathering. His most recent juried show was the Western Spirit Art Show and Sale at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum.  



Susan Greenwood Lindsay

Susan's inspiration and color pallet derive from her life spent living in the Southwest United States and her road travels within and across Western Mexico. She continues to build upon her background in graphic design and the arts. Her current works are themselves visual explorations of storytelling and its nuances, simplicities, and universal constants.

Painting with a narrative in mind, she uses her chosen mediums to widely express herself. Often humorous and imaginatively laconic, her dedication and good intentions are impossible to misinterpret. Working out the story behind a piece, her titles present snippets from the stream-of-conscious narrative she is seeking to represent. They are contemporary visual translations of the emotions and thoughts each of us feels.

For Susan, art is all about the design. She describes her work as closer in influence and effect to graphic design than purely painterly. Beginning with a character and their shape and environment, she uses clean bold lines to illustrate the story and her thoughts. Repetition of lines and shapes are a common motif, each the same yet offering subtle variations to mark their individuality within the wider piece. Her use of this motif is drawn from what she sees in all of nature. This is unsurprising given her years spent on the Western Slope of Colorado, one of the few places within the Lower 48 to still offer wild landscapes mere steps from the front door.