Why Buy Art?

Buying artwork can be incredibly rewarding and provide you with years of enjoyment. There numerous reasons to buy a piece of artwork - maybe you know the artist, maybe the subject matter reminds you of a time or place in your life, or better yet - you don't really know why, it just grabs you!

An appreciation of art, all art whether it is visual art, stage or music, shows a sense of good taste and a refinement beyond the mundane. Artwork enhances the value of your home and can be enjoyed for years, often passed down through the family. Can art be a good investment financially? Yes it can, but that is not the important thing for most people. One, not everyone has the means to be a collector and two, in some ways the decision of whether a piece of art will appreciate can take away from the pure enjoyment.

A good place to start when buying art is to choose pieces that enhance your home with color, style or subject matter. Buying original art is very rewarding but often is beyond one's budget. Prints are a much more affordable way to get started and still offer something personal from the artist. You can start by choosing a place in your home, an empty wall or such, and have the fun of visiting galleries and finding that perfect piece. The right piece can really set a room off.

Here at the AppleShed our staff is very knowledgeable and better yet, they all love and appreciate art themselves. We are here to help and answer any questions you may have.