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Barbara Torke

"My career realignment, after 25 years of teaching art in the public schools, was to become a full time artist. Having painted since I was little enough to grasp a crayon, it is not surprising. Since moving to the Western Slope in 1995 I have painted with watercolor, pastel and oil—and some acrylic—many places that my dog and my Isuzu traveled. Plein air (painting outside—rain and bugs included) is my favorite place to be.

As words are formed by design, I gather a greater understanding of how my art evolves. Someone (who knows) told me I am a master of color. Painting is just another medium. I do series of paintings about dogs in the west, and cats, plus a series of family history. I feel more in touch with my history and my family as I dig through old photos, research the past, and put it all on canvas or pastel paper."

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