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Lian Canty

As early as I can remember, I have been in love with creating art. My father was a taxidermist, specializing in fish. While watching him, I became fascinated with the process where he would delicately restore the colorful fish to their living splendor, an art in itself. As my artistic abilities were apparent to my family, they encouraged me to pursue my passion through my school years. After graduating high school, I enrolled at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver,  graduating with a degree in Illustration and Design.

I moved to Crested Butte, Colorado and opened Rendezvous Gallery & Framing.  I have consistently produced new artwork with various mediums, styles, and inspirations.  From creating detailed botanicals, to elegant calligraphy, to stylized posters, to vibrant plein aire paintings, to my current sensual figurative work, my surroundings and life always influence  my work. Over the years I have also spawned and raised two children, They have become my best teachers, mentors and critics. 

I am constantly in  pursuit of elegant, personal and intimate expressions. To achieve this, I use floral images, human figures, and calligraphy, sometimes blended into intriguing compositions.  Always evolving as an artist, I strive to express myself and communicate through my paintings.

The paintings shown here are from my Alphabet series. The idea of "Alphabet Menagerie" was born over three years ago as a pet project of mine to illuminate the letters of the alphabet. What began as an offshoot of my “Tree People” series has evolved into a collaboration that also includes the writing community of the Crested Butte area. Visually, this alliterated alphabet excites children of all ages with its imagery, lavish details, and vibrant colors. created using brush and ink work, and watercolors.  Equally as colorful are the stories, vignettes, and poems written by area writers and poet who have been invited to bring the letters to life.

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