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Ron Hoeksema

Ron  graduated from the University of Michigan in 1969 and taught high school biology and chemistry until he was introduced to the art of serigraphy (silk screen printing) in 1978. He was captivated by the combination of art and lab technique and its melding of craft with experimentation and became a full-time serigrapher in 1980. In twenty-five years he has become very well-known for the style and excellent craft of his work. His serigraphs are sold throughout the U. S. with the majority of sales in the Southwest.

In Ron Hoeksema’s words, he’s always been drawn to the “bigness” of Colorado’s wide open spaces. That’s what brought him to the West, and that’s what made him start depicting its vast landscapes in silk screens almost three decades ago. In the years since, he’s gone into impressionist painting and, most recently, abstraction. His newest show, “Shifts in Perspectives,” is a retrospective of sorts. For the Ridgway artist, it’s also one last look back at the different aspects of his career ” before he dives into abstraction full-force.

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