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Susan Humphrey

Susan Humphrey is a digital artist and photographer in that order.  Susan is a local native of Montrose, Colorado having been born and raised in the area. Her roots are on a ranch on Bostwick Park that is still in her immediate family with the beloved Herefords grazing there.

Because of her intense love of the area and of the agricultural way of life she seeks to find ways that her art and photography shares that beauty. The landscapes of the mountains, the pastoral scenes and the cattle and wildlife is all part of her life that she intends to share with you in her work.

Susan developed an interest in art when she visited the National Art Institute on a trip to Washington D.C. as a 4-H member.  She come home with a handful of prints. With the advent of digital cameras and her love of computers she has become more and more astute in creating paintings from her photos. Susan hopes that you find pleasure in her work and that it brings scenic Colorado into your home and life!

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