OPEN DAILY 10 to 5


250 S. Grand Mesa Drive, Cedaredge, CO

Jody Ahrens

Edgy Impressionism best describes Jody's colorful landscapes.  She is both a plein air and a studio painter who finds inspiration for her work in the beauty and peace of the outdoors.  Ahrens' intense curiosity, willingness to push boundaries, bend rules and envision possibilities make her an experimental artist.  Experimental art, she explains, "is responding to the colors and shapes as they are painted on a panel, not manipulating them to duplicate or copy the landscape spread out in front of me"..  


She feels that her mission as an artist is "to create work that connects with my collectors, bringing feelings of harmony and pleasure to their homes and offices". Those who bring her work into their spaces can take a journey of their own creation into the depths of the painting.  There is always a place for you to go...a tempting path to explore...shady woods just across the meadow...or a pond to rest by.

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