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The AppleShed is proud to represent some of the finest artists in Western Colorado and beyond. We have a fine selection of painters, photographers, potters, sculptor and so much more. Original artwork as well as fine art prints are available. We offer custom framing services to make your artwork just perfect for your home or office. The artwork shown here represent a sample of the artist portfolios and not necessarily what we have in our gallery which changes on a regular basis.


Mark Marino

I especially like creating dynamic compositions using animal and human figures in action and to capture “human emotion” as a means of using physical form to express my spiritual vision.


Ron Henry

Art has been at the core of Ron Henry's life since early childhood - art and a profound love of the outdoors. Ron captures the spirit of the West and our western heritage with bold designs and colors!

supplies_DUOgoin' for supplies.jpg

Ron Morris

Ron’s love for horses, the western life, working cowboys and buckaroos, fuels his works of art. He captures all his drawings on paper with a pencil.


Lian Canty

I am constantly in  pursuit of elegant, personal and intimate expressions.  Always evolving as an artist, I strive to express myself and communicate through my paintings.

1424 forest Embrace VI 9.5_ x 10.5_.JPG

Ron Hoeksema

In Ron Hoeksema’s words, he’s always been drawn to the “bigness” of Colorado’s wide open spaces. That’s what brought him to the West, and that’s what made him start depicting its vast landscapes in silk screens almost three decades ago.

Windy Ridge

Pat Stelter

Pat is known for her sensitive landscapes of the Rocky Mountain West. As a 5th generation Colorado native, her appreciation of the area comes naturally. 


Jessica Chevalier

Through the creation of her work, she hopes to expose the vibrancy of our surroundings in an impressionistic way. Working primarily in oil and acrylic, she uses unique strokes and colors to portray a vivid union of fantasy and reality.  


Susan Humphrey

With the advent of digital cameras and her love of computers she has become more and more astute in creating paintings from her photos.


Barbra Torke

Barbara is a painter, a writer, a poet, and a musician, a true Renaissance Woman of the Millennium. Barb's artwork comes alive with color and a whimsical feeling that fits her spirit perfectly.

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