Susan Greenwood Lindsay

Susan's inspiration and color pallet derive from her life spent living in the Southwest United States and her road travels within and across Western Mexico. She continues to build upon her background in graphic design and the arts. Her current works are themselves visual explorations of storytelling and its nuances, simplicities, and universal constants.

Painting with a narrative in mind, she uses her chosen mediums to widely express herself. Often humorous and imaginatively laconic, her dedication and good intentions are impossible to misinterpret. Working out the story behind a piece, her titles present snippets from the stream-of-conscious narrative she is seeking to represent. They are contemporary visual translations of the emotions and thoughts each of us feels.

For Susan, art is all about the design. She describes her work as closer in influence and effect to graphic design than purely painterly. Beginning with a character and their shape and environment, she uses clean bold lines to illustrate the story and her thoughts. Repetition of lines and shapes are a common motif, each the same yet offering subtle variations to mark their individuality within the wider piece. Her use of this motif is drawn from what she sees in all of nature. This is unsurprising given her years spent on the Western Slope of Colorado, one of the few places within the Lower 48 to still offer wild landscapes mere steps from the front door.